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Sprint subscribers getting access to T-Mobile’s network next week

Sprint subscribers getting access to T-Mobile’s network next week

When T-Mobile announced its merger with Sprint had completed back in April, a lot of its customers were in for a treat. The merger allowed the two networks to improve its networks. In late April, select Sprint customers were able to access the networks of the “New T-Mobile”, allowing them to enjoy their connection. At the same time, T-Mobile was able to rapidly integrate its mid-band spectrum and boost its 5G speeds in several places. They also expanded their low-band coverage to “nationwide” areas. 

But it looks like this is not all that T-Mobile has lined up for its customers. According to an internal document that was leaked on Reddit, more Sprint subscribers will be able to get a taste of what the future with the New T-Mobile will be like. The document shows that they will be rolling out this “second phase” of the program on June 15th. 

When this “Enhanced Coverage” launches, Sprint subscribers will automatically be switched to T-Mobile’s network without doing anything. This is a great way to get coverage when you’re in an area typically without Sprint’s network.  

Are you looking forward to this improvement as a Sprint subscriber?