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AT&T To Offer Roaming Access in Cuba

AT&T To Offer Roaming Access in Cuba

Because AT&T has recently secured a roaming and interconnection deal with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba (ETECSA), a telecom service provider based in Cuba, the second biggest wireless carrier in the United States could soon be able to connect its subscribers visiting the island nation. 


The major US wireless carrier made the announcement just week, and further added that it has plans to release more details about the wireless roaming availability and pricing in Cuba very soon. In the absence of such details, it bears noting that deals like this usually have the effect of making voice call rates to phone numbers in Cuba more affordable. Additionally, a deal would also let mobile users visiting Cuba enjoy access to voice calls, text messaging, and data roaming without ever needing to insert a new SIM card.


As explained by Bill Hague, the executive vice president of global connection management at AT&T, the island nation of Cuba is now widely considered by many as a growing international calling destination for mobile users, not just AT&T’s. Ever since President Barack Obama reinstated the US’ diplomatic relations with Cuba one year ago, traveling to and from the Caribbean national has been made easier. Before 2015, it has been half a century since Cuba has had diplomatic ties with America.


AT&T is not the only US wireless carrier with offers related to Cuba. Back in June earlier this year, Sprint and MetroPCS (a prepaid subsidiary of T-Mobile), introduced new mobile plans for mobile users with connections to Cuba. Sprint announced a new international mobile pack called Cuba 20 Plus that offers cheap voice call rates to Cuba, with 20 minutes of free voice calls, plus unlimited text messaging. As for MetroPCS, the prepaid mobile operator has included Cuba in its $10 World Calling pack, providing its customers with 20 minutes of of free calls to Cuba as well as unlimited text messaging. 


Then last May, T-Mobile decided to offer roaming and more affordable voice call rates to Cuba. Like AT&T, T-Mobile signed a deal with ETECSA, enabling it to provide cheap voice call services to its subscribers who have family members and friends living in Cuba. T-Mobile’s deal also lets its customers bring their smartphones with them when visiting the island nation, and still have access to voice calls, text messaging, and even data roaming. 


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