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Are You Thinking Of An Early Upgrade Plan For Your iPhone 6 Already?

iPhone 6 Early Upgrade Options

Sure, the iPhone 6 was only just released last month, but that has not stopped some folks from already thinking ahead to the next iteration of the best-selling Apple flagship device (which will probably be released in late 2015). If you are one of these people, then you might want to consider an early upgrade plan for your iPhone. 


Most wireless service providers, especially the four major carriers in the United States, are already offering early upgrade options for their subscribers. Let us say you want to buy a 16-gigabyte edition of the iPhone 6 at the same you want an early upgrade option to go with it -- what options are currently available to you?




Sprint offers the iPhone-only Simply Unlimited plan. This already includes unlimited calls, text messaging, and data. Because subscribers of this plan need only pay $50 every month, it is one of the least expensive deals available out there, especially for those looking to get an early iPhone upgrade.


Even though Sprint no longer offers its Sprint One Up early upgrade option, the carrier's customers can reportedly still upgrade after one year by availing of the Sprint Easy Pay financing option, and then paying an additional $5 every month for their device. 


Verizon Wireless


Verizon Wireless has a great early upgrade offering of its own. If you want to upgrade now, you can pair the carrier's $75 Single Line plan with Verizon Edge. This way, you will get a monthly plan discount amounting to $15 (so every month, you will only pay $60), and then pay $0 down for your iPhone 6. 


When paired with Verizon Edge payments, the carrier's plan lets users upgrade any time after only one month, as long as customers have already paid 75 percent of the device's cost.




If you avail of an AT&T Mobile Share plan with AT&T Next over two years, you will pay a little less for your device in each billing cycle. But because the plan requires you to pay $65 every month, you are actually paying slightly more in total, compared to the Verizon and Sprint early upgrade options. 


Still, customers who sign up for this AT&T Next option can upgrade their iPhones after they have completed 18 monthly payments (one year and a half), with $0 down.




Getting an iPhone from T-Mobile via a Simple Choice 3GB plan combined with the T-Mobile JUMP! program means you will need to pay almost $100 every month for a period of two years. The JUMP! program will cost you $37.08 per month for your device. Nevertheless, you can upgrade your iPhone at any time, provided that you have paid 50 percent of the device's full retail price.


And if you want to get the carrier's Next early upgrade option over 20 months and then upgrade after one year, you will pay about $5 per month. 


All in all, Sprint appears to have the most sound early upgrade option, especially in terms of costs. As for T-Mobile, you may be paying more if you avail of their early upgrade offer, but you also get extra benefits (unlimited data, free international text messaging, to name a few) on its Simple Choice plans. So you can say that the higher price is sort of justified.


In the end, it is up to you -- you are just gonna have to figure out which plan works best for you. To explore other Apple devices currently available, you can compare Apple phones and plans here