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Nexus 6 Sells Out Immediately After Pre-Orders Begin

Nexus 6 Sells Out Immediately After Pre-Orders Begin

Google made the Nexus 6 available for pre-ordering last Wednesday in the United States through the Google Play Store. But within minutes, the device has apparently sold out. The Nexus 6 is slated for wide release in November, but fans who wanted to get the phablet before its launch date but failed to pre-order it, may have to wait a while before they can get their hands on the device.


The Nexus 6 is priced higher compared to previous Nexus models. But it seems its lofty price tag has not stopped consumers from ordering the phablet in advance. Indeed, both versions of the device -- the 32-gigabyte edition which sells for $649 and the 64-gigabyte edition which sells for $699, in either Midnight Blue or Cloud White colors -- have completely sold out at the Google Play Store. 


Still, even if the device has already sold out during the pre-ordering phase, Nexus fans may still have something to look forward to. That is because the Nexus 6 will be coming to the four major wireless carriers in the US (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular) by November. If you want to get the unlocked Google version, unfortunately there is information yet as to when it will available again in the Google Play Store.


Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Nexus 6 is garnering such warm initial reception. Its specs are certainly nothing to scoff at. The device features a 2.7 GigaHertz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, complemented with 3 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), and a formidable 3,220 mAh battery.


It is also equipped with dual cameras: a 2-megapixel camera on the front, and a 13-megapixel camera on the rear that features a dual LED flash and optical image stabilization (OIS). On top of all that, the device also comes with dual front-facing speakers that promise exceptional sound quality.


The Nexus 6 is one of the first devices to run on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system. This newest iteration of Android promises better design and a smoother user interface which should delight users.


Probably the most distinguishing attribute of the Nexus 6 is its enormous display screen. Coming in at 5.9 inches, the device easily beats other popular phablets like the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inches) and Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 (5.7 inches) in terms of size. And it certainly does not hurt that the Nexus 6's screen boasts a 2560 by 1440 resolution AMOLED display.