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9 Out Of Ten Owners Of Samsung Devices Likely To Give The Brand Another Shot

9 Out Of Ten Owners Of Samsung Devices Likely To Give The Brand Another Shot

Despite the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7, it appears that a vast majority of existing owners of Samsung mobile devices still want to purchase a handset from the South Korean tech giant in the future, at least according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos. Among those who knew of the recall of Samsung’s newest phablet offering, 27 percent of consumers would still consider buying a Samsung handset. And among those who currently own a Samsung device, 92 percent of them say they are likely to buy another Samsung branded phone. The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted from October 26th until November 9th of this year.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Reuters/Ipsos survey also indicated that users of iPhone devices are also likely to remain as loyal, with 92 percent of them claiming that they are planning to upgrade to the next version of Apple’s smartphone. It bears noting that next year happens to be the tenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone (back in 2007), which means that the 2017 iPhone model, likely called the iPhone 8, will almost certainly be a very special iPhone release, motivating even more iPhone users to upgrade.

Still, it is difficult to forget that in spite of the Galaxy Note 7 mess, Samsung still remains the biggest seller of smartphone devices in the whole world right now. During the third quarter of this year, the South Korean mobile manufacturer managed to sell 71.7 million units of smartphones across the globe. 

Understandably, Samsung is no longer taking any chances. Just recently for instance, the company has reassured everybody that unlike the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S7 flagship devices will not go up in flames. The company may have felt that it needed to provide some peace of mind after there were reports of Galaxy S7 devices exhibiting overheating battery problems. In a note it released to the public, Samsung reiterates that it stands by the quality and safety of its Galaxy S7 devices. The company added that there has been no confirmed cases of battery issues for its 2016 flagship handsets. 

It is imperative that Samsung gain some consumer trust back. Because of what happened with its Galaxy Note 7 (the causes of which are still unknown), the company’s profits decreased 30 percent year over year. As we go into the very busy holiday shopping season, Samsung wants nothing more than to leave this overheating battery issues behind once and for all. According to the Reuters/Ipsos survey, it appears that people are willing to give Samsung another shot.