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Pokemon Go Gets Updated With Tracking System And New Creature

Pokemon Go Gets Updated With Tracking System And New Creature

Pokemon Go is a phenomenally cool mobile game and all, but few would say that its tracking system was world class. Some even claim that third party trackers actually do a better job compared to the app’s own system. What was worse was that the creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, kept shutting third party systems. And with no decent trackers, some mobile users began losing interest in playing the game.


But it is a good thing that Niantic Labs is finally doing something about its tracking. The team recently rolled out a new tracking system that is actually not bad. And coupled with an upcoming Thanksgiving event that Pokemon Go is launching in the next few days, plus a new Pokemon monster (more on this later), it just might encourage disinterested players to give the mobile game another go.


When users check the list of Pokemon within the vicinity, they will be able to see the Pokestop image that is nearest to every Pokemon listed. Tapping a Pokemon (and then the footprints) displays the exact location of the Pokestop, and allows it to be tracked on the map as players head to the location. Needless to say, this is really helpful in tricky environments, especially cities with lots of buildings and structures. 


And now for the new Pokemon creature. This latest addition is called Ditto and it is akin to a cute Mystique -- it can actually disguise itself as another Pokemon. In the Gym, it will take on the appearance and abilities of the first creature it sees, sort of like the liquid metal terminator (but more adorable), and then remains in disguise throughout other battles. The only time this Pokemon reveals its true form is when a player catches it. So if you are intentionally looking for one, you might as well randomly capture every Pokemon you come across. 


Pokemon Go is considered one of the most successful mobile games of all time, but it is not immune to the law of diminishing returns. The challenge for Niantic Labs now is how to keep players constantly interested in playing the game. This is more difficult now because we are approaching winter time, and it will really be hard trying to catch ‘em all when you are freezing. Still, the enhanced tracking system and the introduction of Ditto is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, in the next weeks to come, Niantic Labs will have something more up its sleeve.