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YouTube Now Has 1.5 Billion Logged-In Users Every Month

YouTube Now Has 1.5 Billion Logged-In Users Every Month

We all know YouTube is basically everybody’s first choice (or at least among the top choices) when it comes to watching video content, but during this year’s VidCon, the Google owned service revealed some information showing how it is really lording the competition in terms of mobile video usage. Plus, the service is also beginning to accumulate viewers on TVs, too.

According to YouTube itself, there are now 1.5 billion users logging in to the website on a monthly basis. The “logging in” part is interesting, because it means that the 1.5 billion number does not even count those who choose to view clips on YouTube without logging in to their Google accounts.

It was around four years ago when YouTube revealed to the world that it had reached a billion users every month. Because the company did not specify the exact nature of that figure, it was natural for everyone to assume that the one billion amount referred to both logged in and logged out users.

Fast forwarding to 2017, YouTube has shared that those who do log in to watch clips on the website spend an average of over an hour every day viewing content using their smartphones and tablet devices. We tend to take this information for granted because we are so used now to YouTubing on our handsets, but if you look closely, it actually means people in the planet are changing their video viewing habits. About a decade ago, we usually get our daily dose of videos from the television sets on our living rooms, but now the video watching has been made more personal, not only because we tend to watch them alone, but also because we are using the smartphone, one of the most personal pieces of technology in the history of mankind.

But in a strange twist, YouTube is actually gaining ground on TV, too. It recently shared the TV screen was its fastest growing medium of consumption, claiming that the growth rate was at an impressive 90 percent year over year. And with the launch of the company’s new YouTube TV service, the growth will only continue in the months or years to come.

With all this talk of 5G becoming a reality in the next couple of years, it is a sure bet that more and more people will be consuming tons of video pretty soon. YouTube will surely be in the thick of it, trying to satiate those constantly crying, “Entertain us.”