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Your Guide To Facebook’s Wi-Fi Locator

Your Guide To Facebook’s Wi-Fi Locator

About a week ago, Facebook had announced that it was finally beginning to launch its Wi-Fi locator tool to all users around the world. Officially designated as Find Wi-Fi, the new feature basically allows users of the biggest social media platform in the planet to search for business establishments within the vicinity that offer public Wi-Fi service, free of charge. The tool had debuted in a select number of countries last year, but this year, Mark Zuckerberg’s team is looking to initiate a global deployment. 

Specifically, enabling the Find Wi-Fi service will not only display nearby shops and locations that offer free Wi-Fi, but also actually show the operating hours of those businesses, a description of the locations, and of course, their network names. But it is worth noting that in order for entrepreneurs to have their enterprises displayed on the Wi-Fi locator’s results, they will have to opt in to Find Wi-Fi by claiming their network on their Facebook page. 

So now that Find Wi-Fi is here, how do Facebook users go about using the feature? All they need to do is launch their Facebook mobile app, and then tap the More tabl. They will then see a list of available options, of which Find Wi-Fi will be included. It should be noted that for some users, they might be prompted to activate the tool when clicking Find Wi-Fi. 

For those who can not find the More tab, it might be a good idea to head to the Apps section instead. Although results are displayed as a list by default, users are free to click on the Map button located at the top right section of the page in order to also view results on a map.

Facebook has made no secret of its plan to dominate everything in the world wide web, so to speak, and the new Find Wi-Fi feature is certainly a tool that can encourage more Internet time and user engagement. According to the social media giant, the Wi-Fi locator tool would come in handy especially in places where cellular data is hard to come by, or for people visiting other countries. 

And some may get the feeling that the new Find Wi-Fi feature is just the tip of the iceberg. True enough, the number one social media brand in the world is also working to set up an undersea cable that would connect Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Other efforts also include web connectivity delivered via drones, and Internet access via lasers.