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Usage Of Siri Decreases Since 2016, While Alexa’s And Cortana’s Improve

Usage Of Siri Decreases Since 2016, While Alexa’s And Cortana’s Improve

According to a new report recently released by Verto Analytics just this week, Siri is still the most widely used virtual assistant in the United States, with 41.4 million active users on a monthly basis. However, Apple’s voice controlled assistant is seeing a 15 percent decrease in terms of usage since last year. That percentage is equal to 7.3 million monthly users. In terms of user engagement, Verto’s report states that Siri’s has declined by almost half, going down from 21 percent to 11 percent.

While the most popular virtual assistant experiences a decline, its rivals like Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are seeing improvements in terms of usage and user engagement. Alexa posted an amazing 325 percent rise in active users every month, growing from just 0.8 million users to 2.6 million users. Its user engagement numbers also saw major growth, improving from 10 percent to 22 percent. As for Cortana, its number of monthly active users in America has increased from 0.2 million to 0.7 million, which is equivalent to a 350 percent improvement. In terms of user engagement, its percentage more than tripled from 19 percent to 60 percent.

In completing its latest report, Verto Analytics gathered information from more than 20,000 consumers based in the US, from May of last year to May of this year. Similar to what other metrics analytics firms are doing, Verto’s behavioral data is collated from a statistically representative segment of panelists, who have allowed their mobile devices to be tracked.

To further deepen the data pool, Verto also referenced its consumer surveys, which helps paint a better overall picture of how people are using virtual assistants today. Thus, usage is differentiated from user engagement, which takes into account how often users keep sticking to a particular brand of virtual assistant.

The results of Verto’s study generally show that digital assistants found on mobile devices, like Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, are actually becoming less and less popular. Computer based assistants, on the other hand, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s mobile app, are gaining some significant traction.

Verto Analytics also took the time to look into which particular mobile apps are being used by consumers immediately after using their virtual assistant. The assumption here is that consumers often seek the help of their assistants in looking for or launching specific types of apps or websites.