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YouTube Now Allowing Users To Upload 360 Degree Videos

YouTube Now Allowing Users To Upload 360 Degree Videos

Back in January early this year, Google had revealed that they will soon be adding native support for 360 degree videos to YouTube. That promise is now a reality.


YouTube is now officially supporting 360 degree video formats in most of its web and mobile platforms. Specifically, it will support 360 degree video viewing in the YouTube website, in the YouTube app for Android, and in embedded videos on the Chrome web browser.


For desktop computer users, they can use their mouse to drag the video in order to see alternate angles. As for those who like YouTubing on their mobile devices, they can tilt their handsets around to change the point of view.


iOS users need not worry. Google is saying that they are working on a version that will work on iPhones and iPads. It should be available in the near future.


To make this happen, Google is collaborating with several camera makers, including Bublcam, Giroptic's 360cam, IC Real Tech's Allie, Kodak's SP360, and the Ricoh Theta. Videos captured on these devices should be easy to upload on YouTube. 


Looking ahead, Google is planning to incorporate additional features like auto-detection for the most recent 360 degree videos uploaded on YouTube, the application of filters for this type of video content, and of course, an enhanced search functionality that allows users to find 360 degree videos more easily.


360 degree videos are not all over the place yet (although 360 degree selfies would be much cooler than regular selfies), but many hardware and software firms are already beginning to embrace the idea of this type of videos hitting the mainstream. Thus, tech companies like Samsung (Samsung Gear VR) and mobile apps like Fyuse are already supporting the 360 degree video format. 


Google is providing more details regarding the technical requirements for 360 degree videos through Github, but viewers will need to run a script on their video in order to make sure that it is equipped with the correct metadata. The YouTube Creators blog also provides helpful information regarding 360 degree videos. At this stage, it is far from being a perfect system yet. But with time, there is no doubt that Google and its many partners can figure it all out. When they do, Google again would have found another way to make life cooler through the proper use of technology. More importantly, it would be a win-win for all users, be they casual viewers or photography/cinematography nuts, who only want the best and most immersive video experience ever.