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A Basic Guide To Dealing With Robocalls

A Basic Guide To Dealing With Robocalls

You might have already encountered at least one if you are an owner of a mobile phone. Robocalls used to annoy the heck out of landline phones, but now that we are living in a world wherein people are about be likely to own a cell phone than a landline phone, robocalls are starting to invade our handsets. So how do we deal?

The Reason Robocalls Exist

Telemarketers continue to exist simply because modern technology has made it easier for them to exist. We now have automated dialers than can make automatic phone calls, and for the people behind telemarketing schemes, these dialers are not costly to set up and operate. Some are even going the extra mile by having the calls originate from offshore, where they are even harder to trace and protect against.

Do Not Call Lists

Yes, one can try to register one’s mobile number on the Do Not Call list, but that is not needed because telemarketing robocalls are already doing their thing without ever thinking about getting the phone owner’s permission. Under the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that was revised in 2012, telemarketers are supposed to obtain written permission, to no longer take advantage of a prior business relationship or transaction, and to provide an interactive opt out option during every robocall. But for these telemarketers, rules are apparently made to be broken.

So Why The Persistent Robocalls?

It is quite possible that a user may have given his consent -- he just did not realize that he did. Another possible scenario is that the number currently being used was a reassigned one from another different user, and that other dude had consented to receiving such calls. The third possibility is that the telemarketing company obtained your number illegally and could not care less about the law to keep making unwanted calls to your number.

Is The Government Doing Something About This?

Actually, yes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have tried several ways to curb robocalls. Right now, the agency is looking to make it easier for wireless carriers and developers of mobile apps to create different methods for blocking spam calls. Some may remember that just last week, the FCC had voted to review a system that would allow phone companies to determine if a number calling is legitimate or not.

What About Apps That Can Block Calls?

You can use them too. Here is a list for Android devices, and another for Apple handsets.