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Facebook Testing Feature That Allows Users To Detect Free Wi-Fi

Facebook has already started testing a feature that will help its users spot places where they can enjoy access to a free Wi-Fi connection. As a matter of fact, this new feature is actually being rolled out in a few countries around the world, especially among iOS powered devices that have the social media giant’s app installed.


Free Wi-Fi On Your Bus Coming Soon, Courtesy Of Google

Recently this week, Google has officially announced its Google Stations project, with the objective of delivering free Wi-Fi connections inside trains and buses across the globe. The tech giant has actually began this movement (or something like it) last year when it started bringing free Internet service to train and bus stations in India. Moving forward though, Google is envisioning country in the world to have a similar experience.


Google, Facebook Test Separate Potentially Game-Changing Broadband Technologies

Two of the biggest power players in the history of tech -- search giant Google and social media king Facebook -- are separately testing wireless broadband projects that are aimed at boosting fixed line networks. And these projects from these titans have the potential of disrupting the current wireless industry. 


New iPhone Models On AT&T Now Have Wi-Fi Calling

A few days after finally getting its waiver approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), AT&T has officially launched its Wi-Fi Calling feature on Apple’s iPhone devices, most especially those of the newer models already updated with iOS 9.

Why You Should Learn To Disable The Wi-Fi Assist Feature On iOS 9

The release of iOS 9, the newest version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, has brought some new cool features. One of them is Wi-Fi Assist, a feature which is designed to automatically switch your iPhone to a cellular connection or mobile data connection as soon as your Wi-Fi signal gets disconnected or becomes too weak to be useful. 


Introducing Wi-Fi Aware: A New Technology That Lets You Instantly Connect All Your Devices

After three long years of research and development via a joint effort by some of the world’s biggest tech companies, a new technology is born, and it is going to bring Wi-Fi to new heights.


A Beginner’s Guide To Wi-Fi Calling

Mobile apps like Skype and Google Hangouts now make it possible for users to make calls over Internet lines instead of using the networks of mobile carriers. Perhaps because they want a piece of the action, too, wireless carriers are now starting to offer Wi-Fi calling services themselves. But what exactly is Wi-Fi calling, and how can users benefit from it? Here is a quick guide.


Using Wi-Fi Connections Instead of Mobile Phone Networks