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What We Can Expect From Apple Next Year

What We Can Expect From Apple Next Year

How fast time flies. Another year is about to pass, and no doubt people are now looking forward to the next year while at the same time wondering what is next. As for Apple’s legion of fans, the question for them is: what can they hope to expect from the tech giant in 2016? Is it gonna be sort of the same old, same old? Or is the iPhone maker cooking up something new for next year? Here is what we know so far.


With the launch of the latest iPhone models -- the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus -- this year, we officially declare that another “S” year has passed, which means that the year 2016 in all likelihood will bring about a new redesigned iPhone offering. Historically speaking, S years have always been characterized by iPhone model releases that only feature minimal (but still nifty) enhancements. So what might be in store in 2016?


People have been clamoring for a longer lasting smartphone battery for almost a decade now, and the upcoming iPhone 7 could be the device that sparks a revolution in the area of batteries. This year’s iPhone 6s did not really offer anything much when it comes to battery life, at least when compared to its predecessor the iPhone 6 (Apple did offer the new Smart Battery Case, but it is bulky and kind of looks weird). With regards to technical specs, is the iPhone 7 going to feature no home button? The absence of this button would definitely make the next iPhone’s display screen bigger, but the jury remains out on this one. As for dimensions, there is some expectation that the next generation iPhone could be lighter, slimmer, and even smaller -- there has been talk that we could potentially see a 4 inch iPhone next year.


What about the Apple’s one and only wearable device so far -- the Apple Watch? It is safe to say that Apple really did well with the launch of its first smartwatch offering ever, but what is next? For all the wonders of the Apple Watch, mobile apps that work on the device are painfully lacking in number. By next year, expect Apple to push developers to create new apps for the Apple Watch. And of course, there is no harm in looking forward to the Apple Watch 2 in 2016.


Despite all the talk about a new and improved Apple TV service that would allow users to watch TV over the web via its set top box and mobile devices, the rumors remain rumors so far, which is kind of a bummer. Still, Apple was able to update the hardware of its Apple TV (finally after three years) and even released software that lets developers make apps for the streaming box. Come 2016, we should see some further progress in that regard. 


Apple Car, anyone? Maybe not next year. There’s still 2017 though.