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Google Offering Discounts On Google Play App Store

Google Offering Discounts On Google Play App Store

Just in time for the holiday season, Google is offering discounts at its Google Play app store. The discounted prices are applied all over the place, including offering a three month subscription to the tech giant’s own music streaming service, Google Play Music, for just $1. This deal also includes zero commercial video content on YouTube Red, as well as full access to the recently launched YouTube Music mobile app. This deal can actually compete with what music streaming giant Spotify has been offering for some time now.


Even the new massively popular game, Minecraft: Story Mode, is being offered for only $0.10. This game is normally offered at Google Play at $4.99, but now during the holiday season, you literally only need a dime to be able to purchase it. 


As for those who are shopping for movies to watch during the holidays, they will be glad to know that all movie rentals at Google Play are offered with a 75 percent discount. Music loving mobile users should check out musical tracks, too, because all albums now come with a 50 percent discount. Itching to get a new book to end the year? Then know that all books offered at Google Play now come with an 80 percent discount. A select number of mobile apps likewise are discounting their in-app purchases for as much as 90 percent. 


These deals are already live now, and if one explores, who knows what other discount offers are in store at the Google Play app store. Also, it should be noted that all discounted offers on games, books, and other media content are only made available for mobile users based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.


Both YouTube Red service and the YouTube Music mobile app are recent new offerings from Google. YouTube Red is a subscription service that costs $10 a month that does away with commercials, and at the same time, granting special advantages to subscribers. As for the YouTube Music mobile app, it now serves as the new home for music for listeners everywhere, especially those who like to enjoy music via YouTube. It is no surprise that as one of the most visited source of videos online, YouTube also is considered by many as one of the most widely used source of music online. With the YouTube Music app, listeners can get easy access to their favorite songs from YouTube, and even non-paying customers get the chance to access videos, songs, and even music stations.