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What Facebook Plans To Do If It Gets Kicked Out Of The Google Play Store

What Facebook Plans To Do If It Gets Kicked Out Of The Google Play Store

Both Facebook and Google are at the top of their games, with Facebook the undisputed king of social media while Google lording over the search engine arena. Now, as both companies are trying to expand beyond their respective milieus, some conflict was bound to happen as their interests begin to overlap with each other’s. Of course, as this intensifies, perhaps the first casualty would be their business relationship -- everybody knows that Facebook’s mobile app for the Android platform is currently available at the search giant’s Play Store. But what would happen if Facebook’s app does get kicked out of Google Play Store?


First of all, it should be noted that Facebook has always had an idea that something like this might happen. As a matter of fact, the social media giant has a contingency plan ready. For starters, with its own resources and all, Facebook will likely replicate several of the services that one can experience via mobile apps enabled with through Google Play, such as in-app purchases and regular software updates. Facebook has also done its homework in finding the means in which it can help mobile users download its app without going to an app store. The company has even already considered alternatives to Google Maps just in case it can no longer use it in the future.


Furthermore, it has been reported that Facebook has started testing Android mobile users’ dependence on its mobile app, purposely including crashing mechanisms in order to ascertain if people would abandon Facebook if they could not use its native app on the Android operating system. The findings of the test are expected -- despite some obstacles, we are just not ready to lose that Facebook connection with our family and friends.


Contingency plans notwithstanding, there is no sign for now that Google will remove the Facebook mobile app from the Play Store. As far as anyone can see, they appear to be still comfortable bedfellows, with Google now able to search through the Facebook mobile app. And with the popularity of Facebook around the world, Google may be doing more harm than good to its Play Store if it decides to remove one of the most in demand mobile apps ever. As for Facebook, it may be ready for some contingencies, but for now, it is not willing to fix something that is not broke yet. For mobile users everywhere, this means that all is good and well as of the moment.