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The Upcoming Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Best Hope In Forgetting Last Year’s Disaster

The Upcoming Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Best Hope In Forgetting Last Year’s Disaster

Noted leaker Evan Blass has recently served a new leaked image of Samsung’s highly awaited flagship device for this year, the Galaxy S8, and it appears that it is the real deal. Phone makers would normally want to save every last detail before unveiling their best mobile products, but for Samsung, it probably would not mind the extra hype for its latest smartphone offering.


The South Korean mobile giant has been known to officially introduce its flagship device during the annual Mobile World Congress (happening yearly in the city of Barcelona in Spain). But this year, Samsung is choosing instead to debut the newest addition to its Galaxy S lineup via a standalone event to be held in March 29th of this year. 


We all know this upcoming event is about the Galaxy S8, but the specter of last year’s Galaxy Note 7 will no doubt remain. It is a sure bet that this year’s flagship will wow Samsung’s fans, but all that excitement may be tempered with yet another apology, and a reassurance that there will be no unneeded explosions moving forward.


If it is any comfort to Samsung, most of the mobile world appear to have gotten sick and tired of hearing about any topic related to overheating batteries. Even the jokes and memes have seemed to have died down, which could mean that everyone is just looking forward to getting a move on. 


But even if most of the controversy has faded, Samsung still has to deal with the financial consequences of recalling and discontinuing a high profile smartphone release. A brand as powerful as Samsung still stands strong, but it can not be denied that it did suffer at some level, not only in terms of sales, but also in public perception as well.


This is where the Galaxy S8 comes in. Even if the Galaxy Note 7 mess did not happen, it was likely that Samsung was preparing to aim big for this year’s flagship anyway. 2017 happens to be the year in which the iPhone turns ten years old, and Samsung was not about to sit idly by while Apple prepares to launch an iPhone for the ages


Samsung appears to have done its homework, and if all those rumors about a top notch display screen, and a loaded and reinforced artificial intelligence digital assistant are true, then the Galaxy S8 is looking to be quite a head turner, too. And if it really sells well, it just might erase the Galaxy Note 7 from people’s minds, once and for all.