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T-Mobile Cuts Prices

This year has seen a number of 'stealth' price increases by the largest wireless carriers. The stealth part comes in because the way the carriers have done this is by reducing the number of plan options. For example, Cingular & Verizon have nothing between 450 and 900 minutes. Since many people fall inbetween there, the choice is to take the lower plan ($40) and pay overage, or the higher plan for $60 a month. The net effect is higher average bills.

T-Mobile is bucking this trend with a couple attractive new plans announced today. For $39.99, you can have 1,500 anytime minutes across the T-Mobile national network. For $49.99, you get the same 1,500 minutes plus unlimited nights and weekends.

You can compare these plans to other T-Mobile plans, and check out current phone specials by clicking here.