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New T-Mobile breach affects 37M customers

T-Mobile just faced a new security breach that left the information of 37 million users compromised. Thankfully, T-Mo assures its customers that none of their financial information was accessed by the hackers. 

The breach took place on January 5th. Within 24 hours of discovery, T-Mobile was able to shut it down right away. The company revealed that “a bad actor used a single Application Programming Interface (or API) to obtain limited types of information.”

The information that was accessed included basic customer data such as names, billing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, dates of birth, and the number of lines on the account and service plan features. T-Mo notes that this information is “widely available in marketing databases or directories.”

The Un-carrier is in the process of notifying customers affected by the breach for transparency purposes. They also promised that they will continue improving their cybersecurity program to strengthen its security. 

Source: T-Mobile, Reuters