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Samsung, Apple Finally Settles On Amount Of Cash Owed Over Patent Case

Samsung, Apple Finally Settles On Amount Of Cash Owed Over Patent Case

Two of the biggest mobile players in the world right now, Samsung and Apple, have finally settled on the amount of money to be paid by Samsung for damages in a patent case that has been going on for several years now. However, the legal battle rages on. As indicated in a court document filed just this week by both phone makers, Samsung stated that it would pay Apple an amount of $548 million in damages following a 2012 court decision that found that the South Korean company was indeed in violation of key patents owned by Apple. During that ruling three years ago, the jury came up with $1 billion in damages, but this amount of money has since been lowered to almost half the original sum.


Apart from being the most dominant companies in the world of mobile, Samsung and Apple have also been active in legal battles over the years. The court squabbles have often been back and forth between the two mobile giants, with contests sometimes involving disputes over patents. That should not be a surprise -- Samsung has served as a supplier of processors and display screens for Apple’s iPhone and iPhone devices for several years now. Interestingly, both still have working relationships despite their heated legal battles.


In spite of the fact that Samsung and Apple dropped all litigation overseas in 2014, their court disputes have continued in America. Apart from the 2012 case, these two companies were also involved in another case in early 2014, wherein Apple won a number of claims while also losing some. The jury had also decided that Apple had infringed one of the patents held by its South Korean rival.


In the court document filed a few days ago, Samsung stated that it would be willing to pay $548 million 10 days after Apple sends its invoice. Samsung said thought that it wants the right to be reimbursed any money in the event that a partial judgment on the case is amended or set aside on appeal. Moreover, Apple has filed an appeal on its pinch-to-zoom ‘915 patent (invalidated last December by the US Patent and Trademark Office), which could play a part in determining just how much the amount of damages will be.


As for Apple, it disputes the rights to reimbursement asserted by Samsung. The iPhone maker also wants Samsung to pay $1.8 million in court costs, something Samsung has no plans of doing.