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BlackBerry Files Lawsuit Against Nokia Over Patents


You Can Now Buy BlackBerry’s Priv Android Device At Verizon

BlackBerry’s Priv smartphone used to be only available at AT&T and T-Mobile. But Verizon Wireless has since announced that it is also selling the BlackBerry device, although at a higher price.

T-Mobile CEO: BlackBerry Is On A Comeback


BlackBerry Unveils The Leap, Its Latest Touchscreen Phone

It appears that BlackBerry is back to making touchscreen smartphones again. It recently introduced the Leap, a touchscreen device that the company hopes will attract users, especially those who are startup founders or those that belong to the young demographic.


Blackberry’s BBM Now Has Message Retraction And Timed Messages

Blackberry recently introduced an improved version of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the instant messenger and videotelephony app built in BlackBerry devices. The updated BBM now comes with new features that include message retraction, timed messages, and HD picture transfer, just to name a few.


Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deals

We're all about finding customers the best deals on cell phones and plans (among other things) at MyRatePlan. Below, we've compiled the best Cyber Monday cell phone deals of 2013 across all phones and providers. Many of these links are only available on Cyber Monday (December 2nd), but some may be available a few days before or a few days after as well.

Virgin Mobile

RIM Announces New BlackBerry 10 Phones Release Date, Renames Company "BlackBerry"

Today, Research in Motion (RIM) unveiled its much anticipated BlackBerry 10 phone and operating system at a media event in New York. In addition, CEO of Research in Motion, Thorsten Heins, announced that the company would be changing its name from Research in Motion to BlackBerry, to align the company name with its iconic smartphone brand.

AT&T to Require Data Plans on Smartphones and BlackBerry

Starting September 6, new AT&T customers who purchase a smartphone or BlackBerry, as well as existing AT&T customers that upgrade to one of those devices will be required to purchase a $30 data plan with their phone.   This requirement puts AT&T in line with the other major carriers, all of whom have had this requirement for a while (although pricing varies by carrier).   Until now, AT&T had only required a data plan for the iPhone, one that is built into a separate series of plans available for that device.

BlackBerry Settles Patent Dispute

The long-running patent dispute between NTP and BlackBerry was settled Friday, with NTP agreeing to drop all claims in exchange for $612.5 million. This has been a bizarre case ---- BlackBerry lost a patent infringement trial a couple years back, and after exhausing various legal maneuvers, was about to find out if an injunction to shut down its service was going to be ordered.