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Straight Talk customers advised to change network to Verizon soon

Last year, Verizon revealed its plans to acquire Tracfone as well as the other brands it owned. And true enough, Verizon was able to purchase the brand. 

Part of its promise to get regulatory approval was to “provide resold voice and data services consistent with the terms of those agreements for at least 2 years after the transaction closes. Verizon also commits to negotiate in good faith with an MNO to extend the terms of Tracfone’s existing MVNO agreements for up to 3 years after the transaction closes if doing so would be necessary to avoid service disruption to a significant number of Tracfone customers.”

But apparently, it looks like Verizon will no longer allow customers to activate Tracfone service under AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks after June 30, 2022. 

This was recently revealed by BestMVNO, who also shared text messages that Straight Talk customers received from their provider. These customers received word that they will “soon interrupt an outgoing call (excluding 911 calls) to make you aware that you can move your Straight Talk service to our Verizon network and be provided a FREE SIM along with a FREE month of service.”

This message was sent out to Straight Talk customers who aren’t on a plan using Verizon’s networks. 

Going back to Verizon’s letter to the FCC, the company promised that it would give Tracfone customers (and its brands) at least until November 2023 to continue using their selected network. They also promised to extend agreements up to 2024 “to avoid service disruption.”

With the text message sent out to Straight Talk customers, many feel like they are being forced to change their networks prematurely. 

We’re hoping this is something that can still be negotiated. You can read more about the experience of affected Straight Talk customers here


Source: BestMVNO