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Verizon rolls out 100MHz C-band spectrum in “many” markets

Verizon has made an addition to its C-band 5G network. 

According to Big Red, they rolled out 100MHz of C-band spectrum in different parts of the country. This is expected to improve the 5G speeds and network capacity in select markets. The roll out will also nearly double the existing 60MHz spectrum that has already been deployed in 5G markets. 

Verizon’s EVP and President of Global Networks and Technology, Kyle Malady, said:

“This increase from using 60MHz to 100MHz of C-band – which we will ultimately have available in many markets across the US – allows us to support more network traffic, deliver even better performance to our customers and add new products and services on top of the mobile and fixed wireless access solutions we provide today.”

On its tests, Verizon engineers were able to obtain 100MHz of C-band spectrum with a peak download speed of 1.4Gbps. But in order to get the speed at this rate, you will have to be near an active cell site. If you are away from the tower, you can only reach a speed of 500Mbps.  

Verizon has not divulged which towers it deployed the 100MHz spectrum. 

You can read more about the report here


Source: PhoneArena