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T-Mobile increases support fees

Verizon and AT&T recently announced that they will be raising their charges to its customers. Despite launching its Price Lock commitment, it looks like T-Mobile has joined in on this trend. 

To be fair, the increase in support fees that T-Mobile has implemented is only for new customers. Meanwhile, its existing customers are protected by its Price Lock promise. 

The fees that have increased are T-Mo’s Assisted Support Charge (ASC) and Upgrade Support Charge (USC). ASC is a charge that T-Mobile collects for new account sign-ups or new line adds. USC, on the other hand, is for assistance that T-Mo provides to customers who are upgrading their devices. A way to avoid the USC is to activate a new device online. 

The T-Mo Report shared the information they obtained from a leaked document. According to which, each support charge will be getting a $5 increase. This means that both the ASC and USC will now cost $35. The new rate has taken effect since June 2nd. 


Source: The T-Mo Report