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T-Mobile officially sunsets Sprint’s networks

Sprint has officially retired! 

After shutting down 3G CDMA network earlier this year, T-Mobile has shut down Sprint’s LTE network as well as its own 3G network.  

This, however, doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s actually a planned shutdown for the networks that T-Mobile has scheduled for quite some time now. Originally though, the plan was to shut down Sprint’s LTE network by the end of 2021. But after some trouble with Dish Network, this shut down date was pushed back to Jun 30, 2022

With this date finally here, T-Mobile has followed through with its schedule. 

Now that Sprint’s networks have retired, this means that users will no longer be able to make voice or emergency calls on their LTE or CDMA devices. While you can still connect to Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to use your device in areas without Wi-Fi connectivity available. 

The good news is that T-Mobile is still offering a free 5G phone replacement to affected users. They have been doing this for quite some time now as a way to give uninterrupted service to these customers. You can reach out to T-Mobile to know what your options are. 


Source: The Verge