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Verizon launches $60 a month unlimited plan in Florida for users at least 55 years old

Verizon launches $60 a month unlimited plan in Florida for users at least 55 years old

The number one wireless carrier in America is launching a new plan in the state of Florida that offers one line of service with unlimited data for $60 a month, or a couple of lines for $80 a month. The said plan is only made available to mobile users are who 55 years old or older. While it is true that the Verizon Wireless is only offering the plan in the Sunshine State as of the moment, the carrier, however, is open to the idea of expanding the deal to other states some time in the future.

Some industry watchers are already saying that this latest move by the Big Red is a clear response to the deal that rival T-Mobile had introduced less than a year ago. It was back in August of last year when the Uncarrier announced a new T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ option, specifically designed for senior mobile users. In this plan, T-Mobile is basically offering users who are at least 55 years old a single line of unlimited service for $50 a month, and then two lines for $60 a month.

Verizon Wireless is widely considered the biggest wireless service provider in the United States, still comfortably enjoying a good lead over the three other major carriers in the country (namely AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint). But evidently, the industry leader still needed to respond to T-Mobile’s move.

As for T-Mobile, the company has always played the role of the aggressor in the world of wireless with much relish. It may only be the number three mobile operator in the United States next to Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but its aggressive approach to launching promotional deals and special offers almost always elicits a response of some kind from its competitors.

To its credit, T-Mobile has done well in translating its aggression to quantifiable, positive results. During the carrier’s recent quarterly earnings conference call with analysts, it stated that it is targeting to continue expanding its geographic reach to about 325 million mobile users across 2.5 million square miles by the close of this year. Furthermore, the Uncarrier is fully projecting to add two to three million subscribers throughout 2018. Those targets are pretty much doable for T-Mobile, at least as viewed by various industry watchers. And promotional deals and special offers such as last year’s T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan are helping attract new customers into its fold.