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The iPhone At 10: How Apple’s Smartphone Changed The Mobile Landscape Forever

The iPhone At 10: How Apple’s Smartphone Changed The Mobile Landscape Forever

In 2007, Apple introduced this little thing called the iPhone, and went on to change the mobile industry as we know it in the decade since. Ten years ago, the mobile world was vastly different -- Nokia was the number one brand, through the strength of its wide range of cellular phone devices. People actually listen to music using a non-smartphone gadget. And Windows Vista was, like, a big thing.

But then Steve Jobs proceeded to introduce an innovative take on the idea of a smartphone -- one that is capable of offering 4 gigabytes of memory, and can serve as a mobile phone, a music player, and an web surfing device. The rest, of course, is history -- Apple has since shipped over a billion iPhone devices, becoming the most profitable public company in the planet. Over the years, rival phone brands have been trying to match (or to copy) what iPhones offer. 

Perhaps the biggest influence of the iPhone is how it has made almost every human being in the planet connected. Of course, there are still certain parts in the world where getting a smartphone is a challenging task, but in general, people now are most likely to own a smartphone than not. 

Also, it is now normal for people to own more than one mobile device. Because of how effectively Apple marketed other handsets, like the iPad, around its main iPhone offering, it is now customary for us to also make full use of tablet, smartwatches, and other wearable devices on top of our main smartphone.

Obviously, the iPhone contributed immensely in letting people have increased appreciation for mobile apps. It is difficult to imagine a world right now wherein we do not have access to everyday apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Uber, or Pokemon Go. The popularity of the iPhone made way for the App Store, and after that, a Pandora’s box of apps has been unleashed to the world. 

Before the iPhone, other phones had built in cameras. But Apple’s smartphone made it easy for people to take a selfie and then post it to Instagram. Moreover, the iPhone actually offered a pretty decent camera that really ignited people’s inner photographer. 

And it is not just photography. The iPhone’s ability to connect online has allowed a generation of live broadcasters. Never has been the fear of missing out so acute in today’s mobile users, and it is all because of what iPhone has helped established -- that you can let the world know what you are doing right at this instant. 

Then there is more -- increase appreciation of mobile payment systems, increased security in protecting one’s privacy, and even helping significantly in introducing people to the concept of the cloud. The iPhone has exerted so much influence in just a decade’s time, but many are wondering what the next decade will bring. Nothing is ever certain, but you can bet that Apple’s smartphone will probably play an important role once again.