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Vine Officially Relaunched As New Vine Camera App

Vine Officially Relaunched As New Vine Camera App

The Vine that was relaunched recently is no longer the Vine we know. 

In the past few  months, Vine users had mourned Twitter's sudden decision to discontinue the app. After it had chosen to shut down the service, the social media giant had announced that it was relaunching the mobile app into the new Vine Camera. Now, it looks like the company is finally getting ready to roll out the new app on the iOS and Android platforms as an update. 

However, if you decide not to update it, you can still open the old app. From there, you can look at your profile, old feed, and even download your videos. Apparently, this is only available up to today since Twitter confirmed that the app will eventually stop working and will no longer have any functionality. Thus, they are encouraging its users to update to the new Vine Camera app. According to the announcement, will continue to be available online but will serve as an archive for old videos. After today, there will no longer be any new clips uploaded to the website. 

The restructuring of Vine follows Twitter's decision to change direction of the six second loop video app. Once you update to the new Vine Camera, you will be seeing a basic camera app on your screen. It follows the original Vine format by presenting the focus lock, grid, flash tools, and ghost line up. Unfortunately, it no longer has Featured Track soundtracking, Snap-To-Beat, or Vine Soundboard tools that were available before. 

With the new Vine Camera app, you will still be able to record a video. After this, you will be given an option on how you would like to share or save your video. You can also switch on the option to post the video to Twitter by default. You are then free to change the Twitter account you share from or add a caption to your video. But that is all the app can do. The Vines you share on Twitter are hosted on the Twitter platform. You will no longer see any Vine logo on these posts. 

As of this writing, it is unclear what Twitter intends to do with the new Vine Camera app. Perhaps it would be introducing additional development work into the app so it can compete with the likes of Instagram or Snapchat. Otherwise, it will end up ignored by its own users.