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No New Studio Wireless Headphones From Beats This Year

No New Studio Wireless Headphones From Beats This Year

Together with the launch of Apple’s newest iPhone models (the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus), Beats (which is owned by Apple) has unveiled four new headphone offerings -- the Solo3 Wireless (an update to its best selling on-ear model), the Powerbeats3 Wireless (an upgraded version of its sports headphones), the brand new Beats X (neckband headphones), and the Ep, entry level wired headphone. However, for those looking forward to a fresh version of the noise cancelling over-ear Studio Wireless headphones, they may be disappointed to know that so far, Beats has no plans to release a follow up this year.


Some may be wondering why not. Well, for starters, Beats still has not manage to figure out the significant enhancements required to make a new Studio Wireless offering distinguish itself from the latest existing model. If one looks at the four new headphones mentioned earlier in this article, they all feature improved battery lives, thanks to the W1,  Apple’s new custom low energy Bluetooth processor. For instance, the Solo3 Wireless now has thrice the battery life compared to its predecessor, the Solo2. Apparently, the W1 can not replicate its battery boosting capabilities with Studio Wireless headphones.


Moreover, it appears that Beats is not in any hurry to introduce an update to Studio Wireless, not that it needs to. Even though it is over a couple of years old already, Studio Wireless continues to register solid sales. It certainly does not hurt that its pricing has slid to $250, and refurbished editions even come with cheaper prices. Simply put, those who want to get a Studio Wireless now have the advantage of possibly getting a less expensive purchase, and at the same time, never having to worry about a new model coming soon. Still, Beats’ Studio Wireless headphones is hardly the only choice out there when it comes to high quality wireless noise cancelling headphones. Sony’s MDR 1000X and Bose’s Quiet Comfort 35 are also worth checking out. 


About three weeks ago, there were rumors that Apple was going to unveil new Beats headphones along with the official introduction of its new iPhone 7 devices. On a related note, the iPhone maker caused quite a stir when it decided to get rid of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in its latest flagship smartphones. Some industry watchers were speculating that Apple may be trying to usher in a new era in which wireless headphones will be the norm, instead of wired earpieces.