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So What’s New With watchOS 3?

So What’s New With watchOS 3?

Software wise, this week was a busy one for Apple. Just a few days ago, the tech giant officially started its global roll out of the finished version of iOS 10, the newest iteration of its iOS mobile operating system. Apart from that, the iPhone maker also took the opportunity to release the latest version of its operating system for wearable devices -- watchOS 3. So what should iOS wearable device users watch out for? Here is a primer.


watchOS 3 comes with loads of new features and functionalities, but perhaps it is best to focus on three aspects that can best summarized the latest updated version, and these aspects are speed, app switching, and watch face switching. 


watchOS 3 now lets frequently used mobile apps stay in memory, which generally results to faster launching because basically users don’t have to reboot apps when using them. But how fast exactly? Pretty fast, even on the first generation of Apple Watch models. On top of this enhancement, Apple has also decided to boost the capabilities of the side button. Before, the side button allows users to launch the Friends screen. But now, the side button lets users switch between their most frequently used mobile apps in a Dock view. Some users may be reminded of the app switcher on iOS, but in watchOS 3, things work faster. Nobody wants to spend a few more seconds trying to search for a particular mobile app installed in their Apple Watch, but with the Dock, frequently used apps can be set up for easy access. Combined with faster launching time, the user experience involving apps on the Apple Watch is significantly improved.


With regards to watch fact switching, some users may have found the process in need of improvement with watchOS 2. This is because users were required to make a deep press on their smartwatch, and then scroll and then pick the desired watch face option. But with the release of watchOS 3, the whole process just involves swiping left and right to switch from one option to another. The purpose of providing various options for watch faces was to give users some flexibility, especially those who treat their Apple Watch units as sort of fashion accessories wherein only the right watch face can go with their chosen outfit of the day. With watchOS 3, the ability to select different watch face options has just been made a lot more convenient.