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FCC makes new rules for authenticating SIM swap and number port requests


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently submitted a proposal to change the rules to authenticate the identity of customers porting out from a carrier. Through this change, the FCC hopes it will help lessen SIM swap and port out attacks that customers have been complaining about. 

The new rules proposed by the FCC will require authentication by pre-established password or a one-time passcode. As a result, it eliminates the tendency of a bad actor to receive a one-time passcode that they can use to take over a customer’s phone number. 

In addition to protecting customers against unauthorized SIM swaps and port outs, it will tighten security for giving out sensitive information of customers. In its place, the FCC suggests that new customer notifications will be required when a number port or SIM swap has been requested. 

The FCC’s proposal is currently undergoing a 60-day comment period. 


Source: Phone Scoop