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Boost Mobile unveils annual Carrier Crusher plan at $100


Earlier this week, Boost Mobile unveiled its new wireless plans called the “Mint Mobile Copier” and “Carrier Crusher” plans. In a nutshell, these are multi-month plans that come with a discount. 

What’s interesting about these plans is that there’s an annual plan priced at $100, or roughly around $8.33/month. Once you subscribe to this plan, you will get unlimited talk, text, 1GB of high-speed hard-capped data, and mobile hotspot. This plan, however, is only available to new customers. 

In its release, DISH Network revealed that they have many more plans to launch throughout the holiday season. The $100 annual plan is simply “the first of many Carrier Crusher plans.” 

The carrier intends to release other plans such as a $240 annual plan that will include 15GB of high-speed data per month. 

As reported by BestMVNO, these plans are available under T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks. This is the first official plan that they are using on AT&T’s network. 


Source: BestMVNO