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Google Fi finally rolls out end-to-end encryption


It was late last month when Google Fi had bared its plans to launch end-to-end encryption. Now it appears that it is making good on its promise. It is worth mentioning though that the planned end-to-end encryption rollout will only cover phone calls for the time being.

As made clear by Google Fi, the rollout will not yet include encryption for SMS messages. But those who are currently using Google Messages for chats should know that the service does come with its own encryption feature, thanks to Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Users will be able to determine if their calls are end-to-end encrypted by way of the Dialer, i.e., whenever they make a call, they should be able to hear a different ring tone before getting connected. 

It bears noting though that even if they don’t notice the difference in the ring tone, they can expect all calls to be automatically end-to-end encrypted nonetheless. 

And because no decryption happens server-side, no data collection occurs in the middle for any phone call made from one Google Fi customer to another.

Also, Google FI’s end-to-end encryption feature only works if the user is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. On top of that, the feature will not work on calls made through non-phone devices like PCs or laptops.

To be clear, phone call details, such as phone numbers, time, duration, or voicemail, are not encrypted. As for group calls on Google Fi, the encryption is only good for a maximum of three participants.

And while it is true that end-to-end encryption is enabled by default for any phone call made between two Android devices connected to Google Fi, callers unfortunately won’t be able to deactivate the feature should they want to.

Source: Wirefly