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T-Mobile postpones CDMA shutdown to March 2022


T-Mobile has decided to push its CDMA shutdown to a later date.

Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that they have decided to move this date to three months. Instead of the original January 1, 2022 date, T-Mo revealed that the new shutdown date will be on March 31, 2022. T-Mobile shared that this was because its partners “haven’t followed through on their responsibility to help their customers through this shift.”

In the announcement, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert shared:

“To build out our revolutionary network…we need to sunset outdated CDMA technologies as soon as possible…This is why we have aggressively executed on plans to take care of transitioning our impacted Sprint CDMA customers by the end of this year and provided our partners plenty of time and resources to take care of their customers as well.


Recently it’s become increasingly clear that some of those partners haven’t followed through on their responsibility to help their customers through this shift. So, we’re stepping up on their behalf. We have made the decision to extend our deadline for the CDMA sunset by three months to March 31, 2022…Our reason for extending is simple: we want to give those partners who haven’t done the right thing for their customers every opportunity to step up now and do so.

There should be no more room for excuses.”

To learn more about the announcement, visit this page.


Source: T-Mobile