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ESPN Updates Its Flagship News App for iOS

ESPN Updates Its Flagship News App for iOS

ESPN recently released a new and improved version of its flagship news app for the iOS platform. Formerly called ESPN Sportscenter, the sports coverage company has decided to simplify its name to just "ESPN," while at the same time incorporating a fresh look.


Apart from its updated appearance, the ESPN app is now integrated with ESPN Radio and WatchESPN. More importantly, especially for sports fans who love to follow their favorite teams via their iPads, the app now works on both iOS smartphones and tablets.


ESPN used to have different apps (about 40 plus in number_ for different types of sports. The wide range of apps also catered to diverse niches such as radio, fantasy leagues, cricket, and world football (soccer), just to name a few. Understandably, it caused a bit of confusion, especially for casual fans who would rather have an ESPN app that is simplified for the average sports lover.


Good thing that ESPN has revised its strategy. Instead of introducing apps for each and every sports fan, the company has decided to be more efficient in its approach, choosing to release fewer apps, but ones that are easy to use and can even be customized to the users' preferences.


Interestingly, the newly enhanced ESPN app provides a sort of preview for the ESPN website which will be re-launching soon in April 1st. This means that it will feature the same design as seen on the app, putting some focus on performance and loading speed, and is basically divided into three main sections: a feed for the latest news, a feed for the latest scores and game results, and a new section called Now that contains real-time commentary, photos, videos, and even social media.


As seen on the iPad, the ESPN app will conveniently display the user's favorite sports team on the bottom right corner. As expected, the app will have alerts and notifications regarding game schedules, scores, results, and even team standings.


Those who love listening to ESPN Radio can do so through the ESPN app. As for internal links from WatchESPN that show live games or highlights, the ESPN app will lead you directly to WatchESPN's own dedicated app. Folks at ESPN though are working on integrating WatchESPN content onto the primary ESPN app.


You can get the new and improved ESPN app from the iTunes App Store. If you are an Android user -- well, you are just gonna have to wait a few months for the updated version.