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Boost Mobile plans to acquire Gen Mobile


This week, Boost Mobile announced that it will be acquiring Gen Mobile. Full details about the deal have not yet been shared, but it seems like it will still require approval for the acquisition. 

Dish Network shares that with this new acquisition, they will be able to distribute Boost to a larger segment of the low income population in its quest to expand its market. 

“Gen Mobile has an established brand, a proven team and an unwavering commitment to connect the underserved. The brand is a natural addition as we look to reach all segments of the mobile market,” Stephen Stokols, Boost Mobile’s Executive Vice President, said. 

Dish Mobile has been on a shopping spree ever since its Boost Mobile acquisition in July 2020. So far, it has acquired Ting in August 2020 and Republic Wireless in March 2021. 

Currently, Gen Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s networks. But once the acquisition is complete, it’s possible that customers will be ported over to AT&T’s network. 


Source: Wirefly