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Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S22 deals you need to know

Earlier this week, Samsung finally took the wraps off of its highly anticipated – the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. The series comes with three phones: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

Here is a short summary on these phones:

Boost Mobile unveils annual Carrier Crusher plan at $100

Earlier this week, Boost Mobile unveiled its new wireless plans called the “Mint Mobile Copier” and “Carrier Crusher” plans. In a nutshell, these are multi-month plans that come with a discount. 

Boost Mobile plans to acquire Gen Mobile

This week, Boost Mobile announced that it will be acquiring Gen Mobile. Full details about the deal have not yet been shared, but it seems like it will still require approval for the acquisition. 

Dish Network shares that with this new acquisition, they will be able to distribute Boost to a larger segment of the low income population in its quest to expand its market. 

Dish bringing back $hrink-It plan for Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is officially owned by Dish Network now!

After months of discussion between T-Mobile and Dish, the two companies have made an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both. Along with today’s announcement, Dish has unveiled two new plans that it will be offering to Boost customers. 

Comcast’s Xfinity Web Service to Land in All Boost Mobile Outlets by Year’s End

Deep into the frantic holiday shopping season, Comcast is busying itself pushing its Xfinity Internet service via the stores of Boost Mobile (Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary). The cable giant is targeting to reach all 4,400 Boost Mobile outlets before the year is over.

Unlimited Showdown: Sprint And T-Mobile Introduce Competing Unlimited Plans On The Same Day

Let the battle begin. Two major US wireless carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, have just introduced competing new unlimited data options for their respective customers, especially those who are okay with the idea of watching video content at lower quality. The good news is that the carriers’ new plans are cheaper than the usual $95 per month that each mobile operator charges for unlimited data.


Boost Mobile’s Growing Data Plans: Giving More Data To Customers Who Pay On Time

Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary, Boost Mobile, has just debuted new data plans. And they are generating buzz lately because of their rather unique structure. Dubbed as “Growing Data” plans, Boost Mobile’s latest offering add 500 megabytes of data to the customer’s account each time he completed three on-time payments.


MVNOs Where You Can Take Your Sprint Handset And Save Some Money

So you are thinking of getting out of Sprint, but you don't want to give up the handset you purchased from this major wireless carrier? Not to worry -- Sprint happens to lease some its network to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). These are smaller wireless providers that make use of Sprint's network but offer significantly less expensive plans than the major carrier. Listed below are some of the MVNOs that will allow you to use your Sprint smartphone on their plans.


Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile Offer Discounts On Selected Smartphones For Black Friday

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, both prepaid subsidiaries of Sprint, are introducing their respective special offers in celebration of Black Friday. Specifically, the special offers are in the form of discounts for selected smartphones. 


First off, Boost Mobile's special offer will start on Thursday, November 27th. Customers can head on to Boost Mobile's website to check it out, or they can just refer to the recap below:


Prepaid Double Data Deals To Check Out

Double data deals are aplenty these days. Indeed, major wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless are offering them to their respective customers and to anyone willing to shift to a better deal. Well, who wouldn't be interested in a plan that offers twice the data?