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Comcast’s Xfinity Web Service to Land in All Boost Mobile Outlets by Year’s End

Comcast’s Xfinity Web Service to Land in All Boost Mobile Outlets by Year’s End

Deep into the frantic holiday shopping season, Comcast is busying itself pushing its Xfinity Internet service via the stores of Boost Mobile (Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary). The cable giant is targeting to reach all 4,400 Boost Mobile outlets before the year is over. According to a report recently published by Fierce Wireless, a number of Boost Mobile locations now are advertising a $90 a month bundle that marries Comcast’s $40 Xfinity Internet Prepaid service with Boost’s own $50 prepaid unlimited mobile plan.

Comcast has first debuted its Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service last year, after revealing that it had struck an agreement with Sprint to sell the offering through the major US wireless carrier’s Boost Mobile stores. For those not familiar with the Xfinity Internet service, it basically allows users to connect to the information superhighway for as long as a week or up to a month’s time, provided that they are within Comcast’s current coverage area. 

2017 has seen Comcast take huge steps in expanding its capabilities. Back in April earlier this year, the cable service provider had formally unveiled its Xfinity Mobile wireless service, leveraging the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement it had signed with Verizon Wireless, the biggest wireless carrier in America, half a decade ago. In the ensuing months, the company promoted its wireless offering ceaselessly through its own Xfinity retail stores. The hard work appears to have paid off -- by October this year, Comcast had revealed that it had accumulated 1 million customers who signed up for its Xfinity Mobile wireless service.

As for Sprint, it had a pretty interesting year, to say the least. Despite talk of a potential merger between fellow national mobile operator T-Mobile all year, the merger never materialized, with both carriers deciding to call of negotiations around a month ago. Still, the fourth biggest wireless service provider in the country seemed to have moved on by announcing a major new MVNO agreement with Altice, considered by many as the number four biggest cable company in the US. All signs indicate that Altice is eager to join in on the MVNO party -- it has declared that it will be debuting its own wireless offering by next year, while at the same time, vowing to support Sprint’s plans to reinforce its existing wired network infrastructure. Altice’s cable customer base currently numbers more than 4.9 million accounts, consisting of either residential and business clients.