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AT&T is sending out free replacement devices to 3G-only customers


AT&T will soon be shutting down its 3G network. This shutdown is scheduled to take place in February 2022, which will leave a number of its customers without service. Not to mention, they won’t have a functioning device to use. 

The good news is that AT&T is currently offering a free replacement device to its affected customers. 

According to reports, subscribers with a 3G-only device are supposed to ask the carrier for a replacement device. But AT&T has also taken a proactive approach and sent out replacement devices to these customers. Some of the devices they’ve sent out include the Samsung Galaxy A11, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note9, or the Galaxy Note 10. 

There is no specific device that AT&T is sending out to its customers since it relies on the stock they have available. But if you aren’t too picky, you can score a good deal on the phone you receive. 

If you haven’t received a replacement unit yet, you can call 611 or schedule an appointment with an AT&T retail store near you. For more information, visit this page


Source: GSM Arena