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Introducing The Unlimited WiFi Plan: A Global WiFi Offering From US Mobile

Introducing The Unlimited WiFi Plan: A Global WiFi Offering From US Mobile

US Mobile’s new Unlimited WiFi plan may well be considered the biggest of its kind in the world, in terms of providing WiFi coverage. For a price of just $10 a month, the offering gives mobile users access to more than 60 million hotspots in over 120 countries around the planet, as well as more than 35 million hotspots in the United States alone. In other words, customers who avail of this plan will get connect their smartphone, tablet, or laptop device to hotspots located nearly everywhere on the surface of the Earth, plus access to inflight WiFi on the 20 top airline companies such as Virgin America, American Airlines, and Delta.

It goes without saying that today’s consumers are using up more and more data than ever. But despite all the advantages that having data brings to users’ daily lives, it also usually is the most pricey aspect of any wireless plan. In its official blog, US Mobile cites a recent study conducted by Ericsson (reported by BGR) showing that the average smartphone owner will consume 8.9 gigabytes of data on a monthly basis by the year 2021. So how will people deal with the inevitable rising costs of getting more connected to the world wide web by way of mobile devices?

This is where US Mobile’s Unlimited WiFi plan comes in. Those signing up for the offering can use it when going online basically everywhere -- when at the airport, riding the train, checking in at a hotel, dining in a restaurant, or when strolling the streets. The inflight connectivity aspect of US Mobile’s new WiFi option should also interest frequent travelers. Instead of availing of an  international roaming plan (which tend to be pricey), those visiting other countries can just sign up for the Unlimited WiFi plan, and enjoy access to hotspots readily available anywhere across the globe.

To start availing of US Mobile’s new Unlimited WiFi plan, users need only visit the WiFi plans web page found in the MVNO’s official site in order to purchase the option. The next step is to download the iPass app from Google Play or the App Store. After that, they can proceed to the Settings section of their handset, tap on on WiFi, and then immediately be able to view the hotspots available in the area. From there, it is as simple as selecting which hotspot to connect to.

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