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WhatsApp Now Has 1 Billion Daily Users

WhatsApp Now Has 1 Billion Daily Users

WhatsApp has managed to reach the 1 billion mark, not only in terms of the total daily users, but also when it comes to active users on a monthly basis (1.3 billion, to be exact, for this metric). Much of this can be attributed to a lot of things -- mainly the increased user engagement with WhatsApp Status (sort of like its equivalent of Snapchat’s Stories), voice and audio calls, and of course, text messages. 

Breaching the 1 billion mark in total daily users and monthly users is quite an achievement, and basically indicates that an incredibly high 76 percent of WhatsApp’s monthly users come back every day. Right now, users of the instant messaging platform are sending more than 55 billion text messages a day, as well as 4.5 billion images, and a billion videos. 

It bears noting that nearly seven months ago, WhatsApp only reported having 1 billion total monthly users, and then posting 450 million monthly users as well as 350 million daily users in February 2014, the time when it was bought by social media giant Facebook. Some had reacted strongly to the $19 billion that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network had to pay in order to acquire WhatsApp, but it appears that the messaging platform is faring well after all.

Speaking of Zuckerberg, he also recently mentioned that both Facebook and WhatsApp are now in the process of assembling teams that will work out ways to monetize the brands’ mobile apps. For example, WhatsApp Status could be turned into a venue wherein vertical video ads can be featured, just like those on Instagram.

The strong growth exhibited by WhatsApp, particularly ever since its WhatsApp Status feature debuted back in February early this year, may be proof that the brand is making the most of its opportunities. It is worth mentioning that by deciding to put most of its attention on American teenage users instead of kids across the globe, Snapchat may have allowed an opening for WhatsApp to take full advantage of.

As of latest count, WhatsApp Status now has 250 million active users on a daily basis. This is remarkable considering it has essentially been benched to a secondary dedicated tab in the app, instead of being easily accessible on the home screen, like Instagram Stories.

For those who want to check out more statistics, they better head to WhatsApp chief executive officer Jan Koum’s blog post.