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Netflix Is Top Moneymaking App During Second Quarter Of 2017

Netflix Is Top Moneymaking App During Second Quarter Of 2017

According to a report recently released by Sensor Tower, Netflix is the undisputed king of mobile apps during the second quarter of this year, at least in terms of revenues. As indicated in the report, the video content streaming service provider managed to pull in earnings in the amount of $153 million. Quite remarkably, that figure represents a revenue growth of a jaw dropping 233 percent, as compared to the earnings registered during the second quarter of 2016 (which was a relatively tame $46 million), across both top app store services, and on Apple’s App Store.

The 233 percent revenue growth is comfortably miles ahead of even the average revenue growth (which is now at 56 percent) across both app stores. Indeed, Netflix surging to the top of the revenue charts is not just indicative of the current growth of the overall mobile app ecosystem and its related app businesses, but also testament to the service’s ability to attract new sign ups.

It was about a week ago when Netflix had reported that it had gained 5.2 million customers during the second quarter of this year. This is quite an achievement, considering that most projections made by industry watchers were only around the 3 million range. Moreover, it turns out that majority of those 5.2 million new sign ups came from markets outside the United States, which has also contributed immensely in boosting the App Store revenues. What happens often is that Netflix users become subscribers by way of their mobile devices and then pay via in-app purchases.

During the second quarter of this year, Netflix’s total revenues reach $2.79 billion, when counting earnings not only from the mobile app, but also from desktop computers, set top boxes, and others. This figure represented a 32 percent growth, improving from the $2.48 billion registered during the first quarter of 2017. 

What about other apps similar to Netflix? Rival Hulu also managed to post a revenue growth of 22 percent during the second quarter, which is good and all, but obviously not as impressive as Netflix’s 233 percent revenue growth. 

In terms of moneymaking prowess, the other top names (that are not mobile games) include dating app Tinder, chat app LINE, music streaming app Pandora, and Google Drive. For more information about the recent app earnings report released by Sensor Tower, better head to the app analytics firm’s official website.