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Apple Music On Android Gets Updated

Apple Music On Android Gets Updated


The version of Apple Music on the Android mobile operating system has been made much more closer to the current version running on iOS powered devices. In the past few few months, users have been noticing that Apple Music on Android has been experiencing lags on its interface. And while the iOS mobile users and desktop users got themselves a revamped version a year ago, Android mobile users had to wait for version to get updates. 

Well, the wait is over for owners of Android run handsets -- recently this week, the iPhone maker has rolled out a newer version of the app that comes with improvements that practically makes the Android version quite at level with the iOS version. Which improvements are we talking about exactly? Well for starters, there is an overhauled For You section that now comes with even more suggestions, as well as enhanced support for the user’s music library and a redesigned player that now features quick and easier access to his queue and lyrics.

Many are wondering if these upgrades will be enough for current users of Spotify or Google Play Music to make a switch to Apple Music. That remains to be seen, especially considering the fact that it took some time for Apple to bring improvements to the Android version of Apple Music (and for some users, this latest effort may be one that is too little, too late). But for those who have chosen to stick with Apple Music so far (despite the delayed enhancements), this piece of news should be a welcome one. Still, Apple should know better by now not to delay its updates for Apple Music on Android the next time around, or else, they could lose more listeners to rival music streaming service providers.

It was in November of 2015 that Apple first rolled out Apple Music for Android mobile users. At that time, however, the version available was only a test version. Still, Apple was good enough to deploy an official version by August of last year. Apple and Google have always been fierce rivals, and the iPhone maker sometimes does not care to offer something for Android users. But if it needs Apple Music to become as big as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or Google Play Music, it has no choice but to also provide an Android version for its music streaming service. After all, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the planet.