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Vine Will Indeed Live On -- As The Vine Camera App

Vine Will Indeed Live On -- As The Vine Camera App

About a couple of months ago, Twitter had revealed that it was planning to lay its Vine mobile app to rest. Fast forwarding to December however, the social media giant has instead decided to let the short form video sharing platform live on, but as a new app called Vine Camera. With the rebranded app, users will still be able to make those addictive six second long videos, but it looks like the bigger Vine community will no longer be there. To date, the old Vine app is still made available now, but by next month, the Vine Camera app will go live and replace the previous version.

The new Vine Camera app will basically allow users to create Vine videos and save them to their camera roll or post them directly to their Twitter accounts. This is actually similar to how Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) handles its ecosystem of mobile apps. Rather than having each service (Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and Layout) be positioned as distinct social media brands, Instagram just lets them feed content back to the primary Instagram app. 

In the case of Vine Camera, Twitter will similarly funnel Vine users back to the main Twitter app. The social media giant also stated its plans of debuting a new means for users to follow their favorite Vine creators on Twitter. By way of a blog post, Twitter hinted that it will introduce a Follow On Twitter notification in the near future. As for the Vine website, Twitter had promised earlier that it will not bite the dust. Instead, it will serve as an archive of sorts where people can explore and even view all of the Vine videos that have been produced in the last few years.

When Twitter first announced its intention of shutting down Vine, people were understandably not happy with the news. On hindsight, the company may have handled itself quite well in dealing with the situation. Even when there was talk of selling Vine, Twitter decided to take care of the shutdown itself. 

As for those who have enjoyed using and exploring Vine, closure may prove more difficult to achieve. Still, Twitter has stated that it would provide a means for Vine users to export their video content. As a matter of fact, a feature that allows for content export is already present in the website. Furthermore, Twitter will also be looking to provide other options for exporting Vine videos from its Android and iOS mobile apps before Vine Camera launches some time in January of next year.