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Pokemon Go Coming To Apple Watch; Plus, Apple Starts Selling Refurbished Apple Watch Units

Pokemon Go Coming To Apple Watch; Plus, Apple Starts Selling Refurbished Apple Watch Units

After various reports surfaced that Niantic was cancelling its plans to bring its best selling mobile game, Pokemon Go, to the Apple Watch, the games developer recently made announcement saying that it is now launching a version of its ridiculously popular app that works on Apple’s smartwatch device. 

Indeed, as a smartwatch app, Pokemon Go can now be played by users without having to pull out their smartphone from their pocket. By way of the Apple Watch, they can now search for Pokemon within the immediate vicinity, snag items from PokeStops, and even save their gameplay as a workout.

The Pokemon Go mobile game rose to popularity because of its unique combination of cute gameplay and physical activity. With that in mind, of course the app would be perfect for the Apple Watch. If you have to go out for a walk (or a run) to hunt Pikachus, then what better way to do it than by using Apple’s wearable device. 

The smartwatch version of Pokemon Go also will integrate seamlessly with the Apple Watch’s fitness tracking features, with gameplay counting towards the user’s personal Activity rings. On top of that, the user’s sessions on Apple Watch will count toward hatching his Pokemon Eggs, as well as getting awarded Candy for his Buddy Pokemon.

Fitness tracking notwithstanding, the Pokemon Go smartwatch app will also take full advantage of the Apple Watch’s push notification capabilities. The app will transmit notifications regarding a wide range of important happenings, such as when Pokemon creatures are near the area, when the user finds himself close to a PokeStop, when eggs are about to hatch, and when medals are heading the user’s way. But do remember, when capturing Pokemon, the user still needs to pull out their iPhone device.

In other Apple Watch related developments, Apple has actually began selling refurbished versions of the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models at discounted prices by way of its online store for the United States mobile market. This actually marks the first time that the iPhone maker has started offering its smartwatch refurbished. By the way, both the aluminum Sport editions and the more expensive stainless steel versions are made available through the refurbished store.

The Series 1 Apple Watch is now sold starting at $229 for the 38 millimeter edition, and the 42 millimeter version is priced at $249. As for the Series 2 Sport model, it starts at $309 for the 38 millimeter version, and increases to $339 for the 42 millimeter edition. The refurbished stainless steel model on the other hand starts at a price of $469 for the 38 millimeter edition, and then $509 for the 42 millimeter version.