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CBS channels no longer offered by AT&T


AT&T and CBS are currently undergoing a dispute over TV channel broadcasting throughout the country. As the events unfold, each company have released their own side of the story on why the carrier is no longer offering any of the CBS-owned channels in its 17 markets. 

According to PhoneArena, AT&T has dropped all CBS channels from DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, and U-verse services. This means that none of the channels will be offered across the 17 markets in the country.

In addition to the 17 markets, DirecTV and DirecTV NOW have also dropped CBS Sports Network nationally. The Smithsonian Channel has also been removed from DirecTV. This is the result of the two companies failing to reach an agreement after months of negotiations.

AT&T shared that it gave CBS an “unprecedented rate increase”. Unfortunately, the company was not eager to sell All Access as a separate option. CBS, on the other hand, already issued an official statement that shares it only wants “to receive fair value for its popular programming and is proposing economic terms similar to those that AT&T’s competitors have accepted.”  

CBS already offered AT&T an extension of its current deal until July 19th to come up with a fair deal for both parties. The carrier, unfortunately, turned down this offer twice. 

For customers affected by the loss of CBS programming, the company shares that this “could last a long time.” They still hope that AT&T will come to terms soon.