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T-Mobile offering 30-day free hotspot test drive, launching eSIM support for postpaid users


T-Mobile seems to be doing its best to entice customers to switch over to their network. For starters, the company has launched a free 30-day hotspot Test Drive offer exclusively for non-T-Mobile customers to experience their network. Another way the company is expanding eSIM support to its postpaid users. Here is more information on the carrier’s latest initiatives: 

Free 30-Day Hotspot Test Drive Offer

T-Mobile earlier announced that it will be offering a free 30-day or up to 30GB of data test drive of their hotspot device. With this, the carrier hopes to let non-T-Mobile customers test out their data speed and coverage on the existing devices of users.

T-Mobile launched this free trial offer last year. However, it was only available in select locations. With today’s announcement, T-Mobile hopes for more individuals to be able to test drive their network on a nationwide approach. 

This offer is only available for a limited time period.

eSIM Support for Postpaid Customers

Since December, T-Mobile has been running eSIM support for select prepaid devices. Now, it looks like T-Mobile will be expanding support for this on postpaid lines. 

Information about this is scarce at this point, although it’s been revealed to come out by today, August 28. A T-Mobile representative has responded to an inquiry initiated by TmoNews and confirmed this. The rep shared:

“That is true starting tomorrow postpaid customers with a compatible device can add a secondary postpaid line on a single device or swap out your current SIM with an eSIM.”

When T-Mobile launched eSIM support for prepaid devices, it was only available on select iPhone models like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a already have eSIM support but are not yet supported by T-Mobile. However, this could change when T-Mobile makes the announcement official.