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Samsung Galaxy Note10 is first smartphone to get Wi-Fi 6 Certification


Samsung has just gained new recognition for its Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ devices. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the smartphone is the first to get certification for Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard in connected technology. 

The announcement was revealed by Samsung in their news page earlier today. Inkang Song, Samsung Electronics’ Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Group of IT & Mobile Communications Division, shared the news: “As a pioneer in new mobile experiences Samsung is proud to be announced as one of the first companies to hold the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ accreditation.“he Galaxy Note10 is one of our flagship devices and the first smartphone classified Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™. Along with the Galaxy S10 we’re thrilled to bring Wi-Fi 6 to our loyal customers.”

In addition to these devices, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. But these devices are not among the certified devices revealed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Apple iPhone 11 also comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity but has not yet been certified. 

Wi-Fi 6 is the new name of the 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac. Some of the features that Wi-Fi 6 offers include the following:

  • Family homes have access to better HD entertainment streaming simultaneously

  • Wi-Fi 6 improves connectivity in areas with high population and more consistent service providers

  • Greater automation and more advanced capabilities in healthcare monitoring and e-learning


As of this writing a number of hotspots and routers are already supporting the new standard. You can see the full list of devices here.