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Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Data; T-Mobile Counters With Own Upgrade

Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Data; T-Mobile Counters With Own Upgrade


The largest mobile operator in the United States has decided to revive its unlimited data plan. Starting today, Verizon Wireless is now offering a Verizon Unlimited tier that delivers unlimited data use (in the US only), as well as unlimited voice calls and text messaging, for $80 a month. For a family or group consisting of four members, that pricing is equivalent to $45 for each line of service. But interested parties must note though -- if they ever find themselves using up more than 22 gigabytes of data in a given month, it is quite possible that their connection speeds may be throttled.

Apart from the unlimited US data, calls, and texts, the Big Red has also taken the opportunity to include HD video streaming, as well as support for hotspot of up to 10 gigabytes at LTE connection speeds. And for those with plans to visit Mexico or Canada one of these days, with Verizon Unlimited they get calling and texting to these two territories, plus 500 megabytes of data per day at full speed.

Of course, there will be users that really do not mind not having unlimited data. According to Verizon Wireless, it will still be offering the 5 gigabyte, small, medium, and large data plan options. For those looking to get the TravelPass add-on, that will cost them an extra $10 a day. But they do get 500 megabytes of data at full speed everyday in countries outside of North America. As for those who want to add a smartwatch or any other connected device, they will have to pay an additional $5 a month per device.

Meanwhile, in direct response to Verizon Wireless’ latest move, another major US wireless carrier, T-Mobile, has also decided to make an upgrade of its own. Effective February 17th, the third biggest mobile operator in America is including HD video streaming, plus 10 gigabytes of LTE hotspot tethering, to its T-Mobile One unlimited plan. To further sweeten this deal, T-Mobile is also introducing a new special offer that promises a couple of lines of service to customers for just a hundred bucks (letting users enjoy a $20 discount off the regular cost).

For sure, Verizon Wireless’ and T-Mobile’s deals offer similar perks, but because the latter’s already includes taxes and fees, that may be an advantage. For those who want to compare other deals from these two carriers, they can explore Verizon deals or T-Mobile plans at MyRatePlan now.