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Sprint Promo Lets Users Lease iPhone 6 for $5/Month

Sprint Promo Lets Users Lease iPhone 6 for $5/Month

Sprint is offering a $15.00 Loyalty Service Credit promo that lets the carrier's long-term customers upgrade to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This offer is targeted to active subscribers currently under older Sprint plans who want to get a chance to own any one of the new iPhone models. Through Sprint's iPhone for Life leasing option, these loyal subscribers can get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus by paying $20.00 each month over the course of two years.


Those who opt for an iPhone for Life upgrade while still staying with their current plan will then get a $15.00 monthly loyalty credit. In other words, if you are leasing, say, an iPhone 6 for $20.00 each month, you will actually be paying $5.00 after the loyalty credit is applied. 


After two years, the subscribers can give back the iPhones they are using and then upgrade to a new iPhone model via another two-year lease agreement, then buy the handset they leased, stick with their iPhone and then keep on making the monthly payments. Or, they can choose to surrender their devices and opt for plan cancellation. 


This loyalty promo by Sprint is offered only to qualifying customers, which includes those under Unlimited, My Way, My All-in, Simply Everything, and Everything Data plans. This promo excludes those under the carrier's $50 monthly Simply Unlimited iPhone plan. 


The promo is open from now until January 15th next year. Sprint has not included the promo yet in its online store, so interested customers will have to contact Sprint directly in order to avail of it. 


Sprint has been aggressive with its plans in the past few months. Indeed, the carrier has been busy overhauling its prepaid plans, offering new double-the-data plans, and introducing new unlimited individual and family share plans. Even so, Sprint continues to struggle in keeping up with its competitors in terms of network coverage. The carrier was able to strengthen its coverage in major cities through its LTE network, but its overall reach still lags behind that of the other three major carriers in the United States, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. 


With the latest loyalty promo, it is clearly designed to reward, or more accurately, retain Sprint's existing customers. Users, by nature, are always looking to get a better deal, and if they can find a good offer, they sometimes will not mind switching carriers. Sprint certainly does mind, especially if the customers are theirs. Now the carrier is hoping that this loyalty promo should give its customers enough reason to stay with Sprint. 


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