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Samsung offering free service to sanitize your phone


With the ongoing threat of the coronavirus disease, there’s only one sure way you can protect yourself: by practicing good hygiene. But good hygiene does not only mean washing your hands. It also means making sure that your smartphone is disinfected. 

There are alcohol-based cleaners that you can use to help you make sure that your phone stays clean. There is also an option of investing in a UV-light device to ensure that your phone is virus-free. But if you don’t want to spend for that, another option is to head over to Samsung’s Service Center to get your phone sanitized for free. They use UV-C light to sterilize your device and it will only take a few minutes to get your phone cleaned by them. 

Right now, Samsung has launched its Galaxy Sanitizing Service. It is currently available in 19 countries. But they plan to expand the list pretty soon. You can check out their website to know where the nearest service center is. But you have to be careful about going out, especially if you’re in an area with an outbreak.